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About Us

Class of licence:

We are not a “commercial” station as defined by the CRTC (Canadian Radio Television & Telecommunications Commission), we licenced as a Campus station and as such is a non-profit entity.


Our on-air staff has very little experience! In fact, most are just learning and polishing their craft as on-air personalities. Many of the voices you hear are students of the Radio Broadcasting and Journalism programs at Loyalist College. We also have a team of community volunteers who produce some of the more diverse programmings.


Unlike most conventional radio stations, 91X does not program the same thing over and over and over again 24/7. Much of the time, you’ll hear a cutting-edge blend of “alternative rock”. Now, alt-rock has been around for 30+ years, so our playlist includes everything from the early days of “new wave” through the grunge era of the early 90s to today’s new rock. Our focus is on current music, but we do also pay homage to alternative rock’s heritage.  There is also an emphasis on emerging and indie artists as well as local musicians. Late nights and weekends contain a wealth of diverse programming. From Classical to Jazz, Folk to Blues, Reggae to World’s all here!


Yes, we DO play commercials…but not that many. Our class of licence limits the amount of time that can be devoted to commercials. Because of this, you won’t hear long 5+ minute commercial “islands” on 91X. You may hear just one or two “spots” in a row. This is appreciated, not only by our listeners but also our advertisers, who are able to get their message out much more effectively. For more information about advertising on 91X, see our advertising page.

We hope you’ll enjoy a different kind of radio listening experience with 91X.

91X FAQ’s

Does 91X play independent music?

Yes! 91X prides itself on regularly playing unsigned bands you likely won’t hear on conventional radio. We feature the Indie 5 at 5 on Friday afternoons and regularly program indie music in the regular rotation of alternative rock.

How do I get my music played on 91X?

Ideally, send us a CD. The mailing address can be found on the contact page. We will consider MP3 submissions, provided the production is broadcast quality. Please send along information about your band and a way to contact you. Email submissions should go to our music director.

Please realize we can’t play music from every band or musician who sends something in. We get a couple of dozen independent submissions each week and in order to get playlisted some criteria has to be met:

-The recording has to be broadcast quality.  This includes how the overall mixing sounds and sampling rates, to name a few.

-The music must be suitable for the format of the station. That’s somewhat subjective on our part, but we reserve the right to decide if the music ‘fits’ the sound of the station.  In addition to alternative rock, 91X also has programs that feature blues, folk, jazz, classical, reggae, Christian rock and others.  A couple of music forms the station does not broadcast are traditional classic rock and country (nothing wrong with either of those…but there are numerous stations in the area that offer these formats).

-After submitting your music for consideration, feel free to follow up with a phone call or email to our music director after a few weeks.

Who runs 91X?

Many of the voices you hear are students of the Radio Broadcasting and Journalism programs at Loyalist College. The station provides a real-life training ground for these broadcasters. Over the years approximately 1,500 students had their first on-air experience behind a CJLX microphone. Many of these people are now working in radio across the country. 91X also has a team of community programmers who are responsible for many of the feature programs heard on the station. 91X is overseen by a full-time station manager, a sales manager, faculty of the radio and journalism programs and its own board of directors.

Is 91X a commercial radio station?

No. But we do have many advertisers and regularity air commercials. Confused?..we’ll try to explain. CJLX is licenced as a campus-community station that’s non-profit in nature. The station is not owned by an individual, private or public company. Any money generated by selling commercials goes to the costs of operating the radio station.

Does Loyalist College own 91X?

No…not as far as being the body that holds the broadcast licence. Our licence from the CRTC is issued to Loyalist College Radio Inc., an independent not-for-profit corporation governed by its own board of directors. Loyalist College does own most of the equipment we use to broadcast, houses the station on campus, and provides technical support. 91X is proud to consider itself the “Loyalist College station” but, legally it is a separate entity.

How expensive is it to advertise on 91X?

Surprisingly, not very much. Due to our non-profit nature, we charge much less than conventional radio stations to advertise. To date, hundreds of local businesses have had their messages heard on 91X. We’re pleased to say many are repeat customers, some having been on the air with us for 15 years or more. 91X can offer you many advertising options, from high-awareness on our regular programming and/or one of our many feature programs that often target a specific segment of the listening audience to fully customized campaigns. Call our sales office today at 613-966-0923 or email to find out how  91X  can work for your business.

How many listeners does 91X have?

Ahhh, the magic question. Also, a question asked by people and businesses who are accustomed to dealing with conventional radio stations. The answer, surprising to some, is that we’re not exactly sure how many people listen! The mandate of 91X is to offer an alternative radio service to the Quinte area, with programming not offered elsewhere. At the same time, we strive to provide a real-life learning experience for the broadcasting students at Loyalist. Our mission is not to be the most listened to radio station in the region. However, due to our long history (since 1992) with programming that’s been consistent throughout, and the unique nature of the format, 91X has built a sizable listenership. We know this because we’re constantly receiving feedback from our listeners…via the phone, social media, during our contests and especially when we’re broadcasting live in the community. We’ve also found out many in our audience are long-time listeners and very loyal. Numeris, the agency that conducts surveys to determine the ratings for radio stations, requires a very expensive membership on the part of the station to be ranked. Due to the nature of 91X, this is an expense we can’t qualify. Numeris’ cumbersome diary system that participants must use, may be ineffective for stations such as 91X as many younger people (the core of the station’s audience) don’t bother taking part in the exercise when asked to.

Who are your listeners?

Officially we say our target audience is 18-45, and that likely forms the core of the listenership. However, we’re constantly surprised at the broad age range of our listeners. We regularly hear from people in their late 40’s and  50’s who are listeners to the regular format of alternative rock. Many cite the ‘progressive’ sound of the music format and the large variety of selections played along with a low repeat factor. Many also listen for some of the feature programs. 91X also has a secondary target of 50+ for many of our arts-related and information programs. Check out the Program Schedule to find out more about all our unique programming.[/fusion_toggle]

Call Letters: CJLX-FM
Frequency: 91.3 MHz
Power: 3,400 watts
City of licence: Belleville, Ontario